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"Wagontrain Drive." Atlanta Review. Atlanta: Dan Veach edt. poem. (Fall 2011).

"En(cry)ption." Perspectives. Farmington: Logan Posey edt. poem. (Spring 2011).

"Perjury." Willow Review. Grayslake: Michael Latza edt. poem. (Spring 2011).

"First Date." Spoon River Poetry Review. Issue 36.1. Normal: Kristin Zona edt. poem. (Winter/Spring 2011).


"En(cry)ption." Milk Money. Cincinnati: Caleb Mathern, Ian Wisman, Maija Zummo edts. poem. (Fall 2010).

"En(cry)ption." Vocabula Review. Rockport: Robert Hartwell Fiske edt. poem. (July 2010).

"Against." Illuminations. Issue 26. Charleston: Simon Lewis edt. poem. (Summer 2010).

"What Does A White Girl Know Anyway." Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review. Issue 34. Austin: Liliana Valenzuela edt. poem. (Spring/Summer 2010).

"Tour of Duty." 580 Split. Issue 12. Oakland: Raphael Cohen edt. poem. (May 2010).

"For." Perspectives. Farmington: Alejandro Sandoval edt. poem. (Spring 2010).

"They Ate Cat." Connecticut Review. Willimantic. (Spring 2010).


"Los Dos Corazones." RiverSedge. Austin: Desirae Aquirre edt. poem. (Fall 2009).

"For." Minnetonka Review. Issue 4. Spring Park: Troy Ehlers edt. poem. (Summer 2009).

"On the Road to Julius' Sheep Camp." Green Hills Literary Lantern. Volume 22. (Summer 2009).

"Tour of Duty." The Cape Rock - a gathering of poets. Cape Girardeau: Harvey Hecht edt. poem. (Spring 2009).


"Los Desaparecidos."; poem.


"Who Is 'We'" ART/LIFE. Volume 17, Number 2. Ventura: Joe Cardella edt. poem.

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